Takaung Thitsar Co.,Ltd has been founded in 2007 as a sister company of Progressive Engineering Group (PEG) established in 1996 existing of experienced engineers. Managing Director of Takaung Thitsar is Aung Myo, senior engineer, was graduated B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) degree from Rangoon Institute of Technology (RIT) several years oversea experience as a senior Engineer. Since 1996 he got back home land and studied the domestic business activities. Then Takaung Thitsar was established by him and many business work-done have been achieved under his management. Presently, the (230kV,66kV,33kV and11kV) Turn Key projects of the Ministry of Electricity and Energy are being implemented by the Takaung Thitsar, moreover,1+3G project of MPT in the Mon State also has been done as the contractor.

Company Organization

1. Organization

Responsibilities Of BOD

2. Responsibilities Of BOD

Takaung Thitsar is a private owned company and type of business are as follows :

  1. Trading all kinds of mechanical, electrical and Telecommunication Equipments.
  2. Delivery of Engineering Services
  3. Logistic works (Transportation of cargo by ship and vehicles)
  4. Transmission Line and Substation Construction
  5. Telecommunication and system

Takaung Thitsar is perpetually keeping ourselves updated to the latest technology to meet the changing demands of our clients.